Pilsen Hospitality - Neighbourhood walks

Residents uncover Pilsen for you!


A view of an ordinary city, its everyday life made of people's stories and memories can be best conveyed by people who live here. Neighbourhood walks give visitors a unique opportunity to discover the city through stories narrated by Pilsen citizens. The walks will introduce both the history and presence of various places and take visitors away from the city centre, to residents and places off the beaten track. Neighbourhood walks will take place regularly on the first Saturday of every month. Apart from community walks and routes in the mobile application, you can discover the city in another way. Through offers by particular Pilsen citizens - inspirational residents of the city. You can choose an interesting character and a topic you want to talk to them about while having a beer in the pub or you decide whether you would prefer a walk with contemporaries or a visit to an art studio or other cultural spaces. You can learn something new too in a beer-brewing course or authorial writing course.



You are interested to know what kind of offers Pilseners propose to you, please have a look at our catalogue of 15 city walks and other unusual offers to meet with locals.




For questions, for information about actual offers and for ordering a walk for your group, please contact us at: pohostinnost@pilsen2015.cz