The Hidden City Map

What does the Map offer?


The Map of the Hidden City returns stories to places where they happened. Significant events, strong personal stories and humorous tales get alive with the help of historians and contemporaries local inhabitants. Places with a story will never be the same when you go past them again.


The map is unfortunately for now only available in Czech language.


The Hidden City map presents the work of a broad team of historians, researchers, contemporaries and other colleagues with the same aim - to tell the story of Pilsen though specific places and events related to them. The current content is not final. We want to continually develop the map and add a current layer of the city - views of people who live here now.


How to use the map?

You can view the Map in two modes. The classic map view allows one to view and filter points on the map according to the time period or type (e.g. memories, significant events, personalities etc.). We have also prepared thematic selections of points that are linked to the same topic line such as the story of Pilsner beer. Thematic selections in the form of "tiles" will quickly guide you to what you are interested in.


The map is optimised for mobile phones so you can take it with you to the streets. But be careful, you will need a sufficient data pack.